Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Intention

What do I need to see for the New Year?

I am on an island in the sea, then descend in an elevator to a lower level, which is a beautiful land with no water, extending forever. I realize that this land is ungoverned and that I can bring my experience from up above on the island to establish a government. On the island I played in a tennis tournament, and down below I can create supreme courts instead of tennis courts. My model for a government is DC, the District of Columbia..

Feeling: An infusion of energy after a deflating year, eager to start a new year.

Reality: I have been asked to run for a Board position in the Dream Association(IASD) and have already started working with their publicity committee. I would like to apply my experience running our family business to the Dream Association. The island in the sea, which becomes an extensive land down below reminds my of Thomas Mann's novel, The Magic Mountain, where the hero descends from the dreamy heights of a mountain sanatorium to participate in the realities down below.

Action: Make the transition from our declining business to an association of people doing what I love the most.

Banner: Government in the Cathedral!

Any New Year's dreams?


  1. The duality in this dream reminds me of Jung's fantasy world as a teenager.
    Yeap, I remember my dream from last night:

  2. This is my favorite of your dreams yet. As you know, I had a transformative New Year's dream as well. I hope your transformations continue out of the dream world!

  3. Do you use elevators more frequently in dreams? It's an interesting element, I discovered as a child that I can use elevators (quite literal elevators at points, but they can vary and become more translucent bridge-elements and things like that) to ascend up onto higher planes. I used to go down a lot, but I could go down and up in the same dream (still can, but it started very prominently when I was little).

    What does Water represent for you (or individually, in this dream)? What does the absence of it represent for you? I ask because it can represent SO many things.

    Tennis can represent duality, a game of ping pong. Communication is in there, strength testing and virtue application. Those are just some of many, of course each dreamer decodes the ultimate codes themselves. Supreme courts would represent tennis insofar, that here, too, you have two parties at large, "battling" about at least one issue or trying to solve at least one problem. A game of chess (cosmic battle) or an agreement settled together (cosmos), anything is possible at court.

    Have you been to DC? What is your impression of DC?


  4. Thanks Blues, Water to me is the transitional medium between earth & sky, manifest reality & spirit. Jung compared his disassociated personalities one & two to islands in the connecting sea in his autobiography.

    I like your riff on courts--both tennis & supreme!

  5. Pleasure, Lou. I just had the writing bug suddenly *lol*.
    Interesting, so translated that would mean that water for you is electro-magnetic, in a way.

    Did you notice how water can look like mercury when the sun is at a certain angle? Almost makes mercury a sort of 5th element, when fire meats water, basically. (I'm just thinking aloud here.). Mercury, reminds of the Traveller.

    So an absence of water would not necessarily the absence of fire, but since you went a level lower, I'd have to ask, was there a sky? Or was it more like a cave type thing?
    If there was a sky and light, we can conclude "fire" (if on a different level than "sun" maybe) on earth. Earth to me is a male element (but can be female, interchanging), which would make this fire (male) shining on male. I.e. Male highlighting Male. Who's the male in this dream (for this lifetime)? If not you.

    Yea ok, I'm a bit convoluted sometimes, but in the end (all paths lead to Rome or wherever). :-D

    I'd come to the conclusion that your *self-reflection* brings about the results of that change. There is no absence of water because it is there on the higher plane, but on the lower plane you can go examine your current life aspect (male part) without mixing in all emotions (water) of your-self, being able to "separate" onto a level where you have a view onto "judgment" but from the outer point of view (a more remote view). This may well be the game of chess, the cosmic play.
    Whereas on the higher plane you are "all one", your emotions (water) are at your disposal (fire shining onto it, male reflecting female) and you can draw from all of "you" (them) fully.

    Interesting dream, definitely!

  6. Thanks again Blues, The supreme court on the lower level requires equanimity, without being swept away by the waters of emotion, as does governance.

  7. Thanks for allowing me to ramble! When it comes to dreams, I tend to go off on a long one (pending on the dream, though). :o)