Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water Slide

I trudge around sand dunes at a beach, searching for the water, when I see a slide like a ski jump to the sea. I get on the slide, descend down past an indigenous family of father, mother and child at the bottom, and out the shoot. I realize that the water is some distance away and extend my arms, stiffly, to soar to the sea. Beside me is a youthful body soaring, effortlessly.

Reality: I was the past week at the IASD dream conference in a medieval monastary in Holland, where , after an ordeal of train travel, I arrived and had this dream. This year has been an ordeal of of financial and grandiosity decline.

Feelings: Frustration in the sand, apprehension down the slide, exhilaration soaring.

Any water dreams this summer?


  1. I did have a happy dream about swimming in the lake by the dock recently. Good dreams should happen more often.