Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have a damaged credit card, and realize that it is not mine. My AMEX card is hidden in my wallet. I am in St. Albans Cathedral where a Christmas Mass is being held for children. A video of Henry V's speech at the St' Albans battle is playing on the Cathedral's facade. I leave with my wife and realize that I left my Winter coat. I have on the Cardigan sweater that I wear to work with my wife and lace shoes .

I run back to the Cathedral, over a muddy walk. The Mass is ending, and I walk through the children. A young woman tosses a red Christmas ornament into my hair, and I say, "It's easy getting it into my hair, it's getting it out that's difficult!"

I leave again with a plastic bucket and beach toys, and take off in a plane. I drop the bucket into the Cathedral grounds, but hold onto a toy. I am facing the rear of the plane, pressed against a woman. My party speaks negatively about the Japanese that we are meeting on business, while two Chinese men in front of us on the plane listen with interest.

Any Christmas dreams this season?


  1. I like that you got a Christmas ornament thrown in your hair. Nice touch!

  2. Is that St. Albans as in England's St. Albans?
    Red is a very slow frequency and can represent negativities. You perceive others throwing negativities into your subconscious (head hair resembles crown) and are aware of how complex a process it can be to level these issues out.