Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Sunday Dream

I dream I'm in a storefront with others, and a large butterfly or moth flys onto my shoulder and wraps its square, colorless wings around my arm. I'm ambivalent, gently remove it and take it out to the street to free it. Out front on the sidewalk, it collapses, and I tell a man watching that it is a butterfly. I place the shriveled insect onto the sidewalk, while the man starts measuring the area. I cry out, sobbing, "Oh Jesus, NO!"

What holiday dreams have you had this Spring?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Dream

After an advanced birthday I dreamed that I had lost my photo ID while on a trip to Puerto Rico. I apply for a new one, realizing it will take time and that I wont make the offshore island, Culebra, this trip. I hope I get the new ID before my return flight home.

My drivers license with my photo expired on my birthday, and I just received my new one. After the dream I did meridian tapping( at face, chest & hand acupressure points) saying, "Even though I have lost my ID, I can still enjoy the trip." In the dream I was still happy to be in Puerto Rico, even without my ID card. Then I tapped with, "Even though I'm letting go, I can trust the trip."

What birthday messages have you gotten in your dreams, both bad news and good?