Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution was to be free. On New Year's Day I asked a dream-incubation question, "What is my freedom?" and had a dream where a man gives me a squirrel hanging from a sick. I see that it is dead and dip it into a stream, then mock the man who brought it. He leaves and joins a woman, and I motion, still mockingly, for them to return. They look at the house in which I'm in, impressed--my rich Aunt's house in Florida, and I tell them, "We don't live here". We are living in the more modest house of my Grandparents in Columbia, SC.

Am I free from my childhood ideal of my rich Aunt's home? My Grandmother was very spiritual; perhaps that is my freedom. Or am I a squirrel at the end of his rope?

Let me hear how your New Year's Resolutions played out in dream or in waking reality.