Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Intention

What do I need to see for the New Year?

I am on an island in the sea, then descend in an elevator to a lower level, which is a beautiful land with no water, extending forever. I realize that this land is ungoverned and that I can bring my experience from up above on the island to establish a government. On the island I played in a tennis tournament, and down below I can create supreme courts instead of tennis courts. My model for a government is DC, the District of Columbia..

Feeling: An infusion of energy after a deflating year, eager to start a new year.

Reality: I have been asked to run for a Board position in the Dream Association(IASD) and have already started working with their publicity committee. I would like to apply my experience running our family business to the Dream Association. The island in the sea, which becomes an extensive land down below reminds my of Thomas Mann's novel, The Magic Mountain, where the hero descends from the dreamy heights of a mountain sanatorium to participate in the realities down below.

Action: Make the transition from our declining business to an association of people doing what I love the most.

Banner: Government in the Cathedral!

Any New Year's dreams?