Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Dreamed this morning of being in a field of dirt, playing with toys, with Ernest Hartman, my mother & wife. Then we go to Bonaventure in Savannah, GA, and sit on the lawn. Ernest has chest pain, stands, then collapses. I comfort him and ask my wife to call 911, while my mother gets hysterical and asks where she'll sleep tonight. Ernest, who sat on Freud's lap as a child, would appreciate my mothers Oedipal response. I take his hand and say what a beautiful day we had. Then I say that the object of life, like therapy, was to learn how to play. I had swam mornings with Ernest at the dream association annual conferences, and gone to his poetry and dream workshops. He had learned how to play.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Female Pediatriciann

I awake at night in my old studio apartment with a murdered body. I give a check to the murderer,a female pediatrician, who has prepared the body for disposal in the morning. I look at my short, dirty nails and reflect on "existential man--both good and bad." I feel that with the man murdered, there will be more women available. Then I realize that the murder is just a dream. Next week the dream association online PsiberDreaming conference begins with the theme of through the looking glass of dreams. I have asked dream-incubation questions to learn what is through my dream looking glass, and get old girlfriends, available now in my dreams. Has the female pediatrician circumcised my separate, masculine ego and freed me to return to my dream world of old loves through the looking glass?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kissed by an Angel

Dreamed of a dark night with a gull flying high, lit like the moon. At my feet in the mud outside the porch is a pelican. Then an angel appears, his form fixed in the sky as he descends, then returns to his form and approaches me. "Holy shit!" I shout and run towards the door to the house. The angel enters the porch, and I turn, facing him with my palms open. He comes to me, takes my head in his hand. and kisses me on the forehead, while I inhale deeply. I look up at him, and he is a frumpy, older man like the guardian angel in "It's a Wonderful Life". Beside me a dark, indigenous man throws his arms around the angel's neck and hugs him. On awakening I see a full moon out, and sit in the light with my palms open, breathing deeply. Any angels in your life?

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Rose

Here in all the snow in the country, I asked a dream incubation question, "What is my rose?" and had lots of irrelevant dreams, until, frustrated in the morning, I asked again. I put my head on my pillow and heard the words, "Everyone knows, and it's for free!" The Rose is the Bette Midler song , so it is a Valentine gift to all of you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Between Two Worlds

I asked a dream-incubation question, "How can I live between two worlds?"--reality & dream, heaven & earth, self & other.... The first dream reply was the words, "Not good news, not bad news, just news." Then I am crossing a bridge too fast for the flood waters in the middle of the span. There followed two dreams involving the bipolar therapy client whose cloths I wore in the "Hip Hop" dream posted last week.In one I am searching his apartment for a certain "lens." Next the two of us are on a train with a boiler loudly under repair. I ask the workmen why they don't take the train out of service to do the work, and they give me the contact info for the state authorities. The final dream response was the words, "Empire by the fire," with the image of a dark skinned man sitting by a fire. What are your two different worlds?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hip Hop

I appear at a party in a black, "Inside-out" sweatshirt. I reverse it and it becomes a bright yellow, hip hop top. I look down at black feather leggins, and begin to do a hip-hop dance with a woman. Later that day I was sitting in the park with the bipolar therapy client whose cloths I was wearing in the dream. As we talked, a hip-hop couple were dancing around the fountain. The female dancer was wearing a bright yellow top. Was my dream precognitive, or were both experiences dreams?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pow Wow

I am at a conference like the Dream Association's, as a pow wow is begun with people lining up in a circle. I hold back, but then join in, placing my hands on the back of the last person in line and moving in the circle. A woman puts her hands on my back, and we begin to move backwards in the circle, levitating and flying around the meeting hall. I feel the woman behind me holding me close, and I attempt some airborne maneuvers, which awakens me.

Nothing like a dream community to inspire flight! What has inspired your dream activities lately?