Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Shrink's Epiphany

Last night I had a high-energy dream of someone being transformed internally, and was told that "the superego must be integrated". Afterwords, I saw beautiful,multicolored cosmic flowers or Christmas-tree lights that rushed towards me. I seldom dream in color. I have been through three therapists over thirty years, and have had my first conflict-free day of my life, even achey with a cold and battling winter depression. Everything feels different. Freud's superego is the idealized and judgmental other, frequently childhood authorities or heroes, that lord it over the ego, in dream and psychically. I suppose I had a shrink's epiphany. What dream epiphany have you had this season?


  1. A dream I remember loving: I wake up with my dog and we both go out to see that it has snowed and nobody else is around to see it.

  2. Is it day or night--Silent Night?