Monday, November 9, 2009

Dream Play in the Beyond, An Invitation to Play

In the previous post, I asked a dream-incubation question, “What is beyond the dream?” After the dream visitations of the Day of the Dead, I asked, “What is beyond the body?” and got this dream in response:

I drive my red Triumph Spitfire (the one that I went back to college to retrieve in the healing-dream post) into a tropical town and roll under a big truck in an intersection. I turn off the ignition and crawl out, unharmed, while rescuers take a lifeless body out of the car. They place another victim in a body bag, that shakes spasmodically, and I feel for the victim. The rescuers tell me that it is a miracle I survived.

I look where they have put my car and realize that I could get in and drive away, but I want to stay and help. Besides, I can’t escape, because a red Triumph Spitfire is easy to spot.

In my previous healing dream, the red car is my body image with old gas. After the crystal dream- incubation question, “How can I be faithful?”, one of the responses was, “filling stations”, to service others with old gas. Now the response to my question, “What is beyond the body?”, is similar—don’t escape, but stay and help the others. That’s the miracle!

The same car appeared in a dream response to the question, “How can I be free?” I am racing in my car and flip off the track. The car with my body disappears, while I remain on the track and feel a gradual transformation, beginning at my feet and moving up, like the description of the death of Falstaff by Shakespeare. Having become the living dead, I return to my college fraternity house.

It could be body narcissism represented by my college sports car, but that is how the ego isolates itself from others, from the fraternity. In the first half of life the narcissism fuels the heroic journey, but the second half is the time for fraternity and service, in this realm and beyond.

The red Triumph Spitfire was used in dreamplay in the dreams that I have shared. I invite you to share vehicles that have appeared in your dreams—cars, buses, airplanes, bikes—anything that comes to mind. It’s playtime!


  1. Great dream. The only one I can think of is the one I had last night: I was running in a corn field and I found a town that was hidden under all the corn.

  2. Reminds me in this harvest & Thanksgiving season, following Day of the Dead, of the Native American corn goddess myths of death & rebirth in the earth. What was the town of your rebirth like?

  3. I think it was a happy place of rebirth--like finding something that I had been looking for for a very long time.

  4. The film, "Field of Dreams", was set in a corn field. Another world, underground. "Build it and they will come"

  5. It’s hard to get folks off of Facebook isn’t it. Okay here’s one of my vehicle dreams.

    Bus drivers picked up their busses and began their routes from designated locations, gas stations, Walmarts, shopping mall parking lots... I had been a bus driver. I wanted to convert one to an RV, so I bought an older retired model. I picked it up one early morning and stopped by Walmart to pick up light bulbs and rubber bands and a new car air refresher for my new--to me-- 76 passenger bus.

    Those Wally World parking lots are big, but so was my bus. I could see it from the exit doors. A man in a uniform was getting on my bus. I quickened my step. He started the engine. How did he do that? ... I had the keys right in my pocket. I patted my empty jeans. Yelling, I ran toward the... "my"... departing bus. Luck stopped him at the exit. and I yelled louder and waved my hands. He saw me as I banged the back of the bus with my hand. He glanced at his watch and pulled out into the traffic. I chased like a mad dog that bites at tires. I wasn't close enough to bite tires or I might have.

    (This is getting long, so I will shorten the rest to one-liners.)

    2. Chased almost to a nearby town because of traffic slowing the bus.
    3. Gave up went to police station.
    4. Waited and worried, that bus was a lost dream I had wanted all my life.
    5. Door opened and two uniformed men were there. Manager and Driver.
    6. Manager said there has been a mix up. Our Driver took your bus not knowing that his had not been delivered yet.
    7. Driver said... It ran fine until about 2:40... Then it just quit.
    8. I couldn't help but laugh... and think... They're going to give me back a nicely repaired vehicle.

  6. Thanks for playing. What is your "dream" of a bus converted to a RV?

  7. Well, I love to travel, and in the 60's I met some hippies living in a converted school bus. Afterwards, that was my dream --for a long time. Now, I really don't care how I travel, but I still want to do more of it. I think I may have glamorized living like a gypsy, no roots, free from ownership and riches. But, I often feel as if I have a gypsy's heart. In grade school there was a song I loved. “A gypsy’s life is gay and free, no cares have we. No taxes need a gypsy pay, no wealth has he. What care we for castles high, o’er our heads is the bright blue sky. Never a hurry and never a worry, a life that’s free.” I think the song was called A Gypsy’s Life.

  8. Well played! What has been the major obstacle to "A Gypsy's Life" for you?

  9. That's a hard one. It was being a parent when I was younger. I did a lot of camping, but had to keep my son in school. Now, I am addicted to comfort and would want to have a bit of money to travel around. I always traveled on a shoestring anyway. I wouldn't need much. It may not be too late. Maybe those men in uniforms will give me my nicely repaired vehicle yet....

  10. Why would it "just quit" at "about 2:40?

  11. I have been wondering that too. Do you have any ideas? School gets out about that time... maybe? I used to drive a school bus... for real.

  12. What I had up to 40 (2:40) I would like to have "nicely repaired" for "A Gypsy's Life" in the second half.