Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kissed by an Angel

Dreamed of a dark night with a gull flying high, lit like the moon. At my feet in the mud outside the porch is a pelican. Then an angel appears, his form fixed in the sky as he descends, then returns to his form and approaches me. "Holy shit!" I shout and run towards the door to the house. The angel enters the porch, and I turn, facing him with my palms open. He comes to me, takes my head in his hand. and kisses me on the forehead, while I inhale deeply. I look up at him, and he is a frumpy, older man like the guardian angel in "It's a Wonderful Life". Beside me a dark, indigenous man throws his arms around the angel's neck and hugs him. On awakening I see a full moon out, and sit in the light with my palms open, breathing deeply. Any angels in your life?

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