Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm back from a week at the Dream Association Annual Conference in Asheville, NC. While there I incubated a dream question, "What is next in my life?" and got a dream in response in which I am inside an old stone building and look out the front door onto village life, similar to a mediterranean town. I step into my doorway to see better, and notice tremors in the facade. I step outside, look up and see the facade crumbling, about to fall onto the people out front. I alert them and bring them inside my house, which is safe, before the facade falls.

The next morning I led a workshop on dream play and was reassured to see everyone playing with dreams as if they were children again. Later that day I expressed my dream in dance at another workshop. More dream play! How about you?


  1. You know, that is so funny. I was worrying about my career path, etc. this week and then I got a fortune cookie message saying exactly what I wanted to hear. This world is a strange place. Glad to hear you had a nice time on your trip

  2. Fortune cookies, I Ching, dreams...all from the same source.